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The majority of the ingredients in the products we offer are sourced locally in Hawaii.  We also provide products from organic farms on the mainland which have been carefully selected to meet our quality control requirements.

The products we offer may contain CBD flower, Medicinal Mushrooms and/or Medicinal Herbs which are infused in MCT/Coconut Oil, Hemp Oil and/or Honey.

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Please note that Kou ola Pono believes fully in the medicinal qualities of Mushrooms, Herbs, CBD, CBG and other active ingredients. However we are not medical professionals, and do not employ anyone with those qualifications.   None of the statements or claims about any of  our products ,labels, posts on any Social Media platforms, descriptions on any product listings on any website, nor any statements made by anyone at Kou ola Pono should be taken as medical advice, health advice or lifestyle advice.

If you are considering using supplements, you should first consult your Doctor or other Medical Professional. This is especially true for persons with a pre existing condition, or are pregnant or nursing.

None of the claims made by Kou ola Pono are intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.

What Our Customers Think


Sara-Jean Moran

My cat had been not eating or drinking much and acting lethargic. The vet noticed tumors in the cat’s ears and provided medicine to be applied every other day, with littlenoticeable improvement. I then tried the Apothecary 13 oil, applying a drop in each ear and one on her food. The cat has subsequently started eating and drinking, has put on weight, and seems to be recovering.

Mary Fleming